Three Really Cool Online Voter Registration Tools

Dated: July 29 2018

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As a Realtor, I remind my home buyers and sellers to update their mailing addresses, contact the utility companies, update drivers licenses - and help them celebrate their new homes with friends and families. When you move, it is also important update your voter registration.


Our right to vote is the beating heart of our democracy, and registering to vote is the essential first step to being able to exercise the sacred right to vote. If you have moved recently and haven't had a chance to register or update your voter registration, here are three really cool organizations dedicated to making voting as accessible as possible using the power of the internet.


Please share these tools on Facebook, Twitter, and any other social media platforms so that every voter is able to exercise their right to vote. Each of these sites also allows you to confirm your current voter registration. If you have any doubt, check it out. Don't arrive at your polling station and find yourself unable to vote. And if you need to cast an absentee vote, these sites will help you do that too.


Here is information about each of these organizations and their missions in their own words and a link to their voter registration pages:


Democracy Works


According to the U.S. Census Bureau, nearly 60 percent of non-voters in 2012 missed Election Day because of process issues such as lack of time, registration problems, and inconvenient polling places. The Internet has simplified many aspects of our lives, but casting a ballot can still be complicated and confusing. When voting is difficult, participation suffers.


Democracy Works is dedicated to changing the status quo.

After missing several elections as a graduate student living away from home, Seth Flaxman set out to build a reminder system for voters so he would never miss another. From that idea, we formed Democracy Works to bring the awesomeness of the Internet to the process of democracy. TurboVote – our first project – launched in September 2010. We’re building the tools needed to upgrade the infrastructure of our democracy and improve the voting experience for voters and election officials alike. Our vision is straightforward: make voting a simple, seamless experience for all Americans so that no one misses an election.


Since our founding, we have worked with colleges and universities, election officials, peer institutions, and corporate and nonprofit partners to achieve this goal.


Here is the link to Democracy Works project TurboVote: uses technology to simplify political engagement, increase voter turnout, and strengthen American democracy.


We work to ensure that the electorate matches the population. We accomplish our work via a two-pronged approach:


We build and maintain the website and the toolset. The toolset currently includes a voter registration tool, an absentee ballot tool, and tool that helps you verify your voter registration status, and a stand-alone election reminders tool.  These tools are free for anyone to use at all times. Other organizations can also use the toolset for free on their websites and as part of their in-person voter registration and Get Out The Vote (GOTV) campaigns.


We proactively reach out to low-propensity voters and encourage them to vote. We use a variety of tactics, including one-to-one SMS outreach, digital ads, digital radio (Pandora and Spotify), billboards, and direct mail.  We reach out to low-propensity voters for a simple reason: if you want to increase voter turnout, you need to start with voters who are unlikely to vote without additional encouragement.  Whenever possible, we run controlled experiments, so that we can determine whether our interventions worked. You can learn more about our experiments at


Here is the link to's voter registration website:




HeadCount is a non-partisan organization that works with musicians to promote participation in democracy.


We stage voter registration drives at concerts and run programs that translate the power of music into real action. By reaching young people and music fans where they already are – at concerts and online – we make civic participation easy and fun.


Our message is not about what party you support or where you land on an issue. It’s that you must speak to be heard.


Here is the link to Headcount's voter registration page:


In three months Americans will once again have the opportunity to participate in our democracy. This right of self-governance should never be taken for granted. Please share one or more of the links above to help increase the participation of your friends and family members or to register yourself to vote. See you at the polls!

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