A Happy Ending For Balla And Lynda

Dated: February 22 2018

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It is a great feeling when my clients find a home they love! Occasionally buyers get stars in their eyes over a home that could cost them much more than they anticipate. Balla and Lynda went through seeing about 20 homes with me over a period of about a year.

Although this was not Balla and Lynda's first house, as they saw different types of houses and neighborhoods, their preferences evolved pretty dramatically. In the end, they bought a brand-new townhouse in an area rich with amenities for their family. Just before that, we saw a bank-owned house that needed major renovation and restoration to be livable. They fell in love with the potential, but overlooked the amount of time, money, and potential risk they would face with the property. I took the time to review the repair issues that were evident with the house. The time and expense the house needed would have cost them in ways they did not initially see. In the end they went with a trouble AND worry free new home that was much less costly.  Such nice people deserve to have a happy ending!

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Charles Chapman

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